Think of a wonderful thought.

Seize the moment.

Let your fantasies and dreams set sail.

Name's Jarrett. I'm a super senior (I think? I have no idea what I am) at Central Michigan University. Studying Hospitality and Sign Language. I'm a Disney obsessor and clearly my blog as been dedicated to that. Questions? Feel free to ask!

My former best friends wedding song came on in the market in my dorm and it makes me miss them a lot.

So tempted to eat my feelings away.

I get too attached too quickly.

I’m such a fucking idiot

I want my yooper back.

I just want chocolate and junk food to make me feel better.

I will forever be alone. This sucks.


Princess Aurora and Prince Philip production art

(via walts-disney-vault)



I found these sketches lying around and I wanted to share them here!

Flynn Ryder is my dream man lol

I also have a doodle of Elsa from Frozen..should I post it? 


(via princewolfy)

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